The Company Name

The name of my company changed recently from Loving Comfort Pet Care to Kelly’s Pet Healing and Care.  Since the pandemic began, I’ve been doing much more energy healing than pet sitting.  It made sense to me to change the company name to reflect my new focus.   The old name actually came from an experience I had during my Healing Touch for Animals training. The group I was in was working with a horse. We were practicing the use of a surrogate–performing healing techniques with an animal in our presence to benefit an animal in a different place, in this case a different city. The horse was very anxious, on high alert all the time. While someone else in the group was performing a specific technique, I stayed off to the side and simply sent the anxious horse Divine loving comfort. When we were done working with the horse, I felt overcome by emotion and went off to a quiet place to try to get myself under control. The horse’s owner was one of the group members, and she happened to be a highly-intuitive animal trainer and was quite connected to her horse spiritually. She came over to ask me if I was okay. I told her that I was but that I just felt like crying and didn’t know why. She asked me what I did during the healing session for her horse. When I explained, she told me that my sending her horse Divine loving comfort had had a great impact on him and that what I was feeling was the relief that he was feeling. I will never forget it. I felt so blessed to have been able to help that horse and in awe of the ability to do so over long distances. When it was time to create a name for my company, that’s what came to mind. No matter the situation, Diving loving comfort can help.

Kelly's Pet Healing and Care