Kelly Bolz

I have had a love of animals of all kinds my whole life. My family always had a dog, but when we moved to North Carolina as I started fifth grade, we took in a cat. That one cat was joined by several others over the years. As an adult, it has been my privilege to share my home with fifteen cats and two dogs over the last thirty years.  Although I enjoyed taking care of my own pets, I came to working with pets professionally only after retiring from teaching French.  The road from teaching to being an energy healer for pets has been rather bumpy, but with each endeavor I’ve learned more about myself and my purpose and acquired new skills.

The journey began seven years ago when I started volunteering at a shelter named SAFE Haven for Cats. There, covered in fur and surrounded by cats of all kinds, I felt a peace and joy I had never known, which prompted me to make helping animals my next professional goal.

I began training as an energy medicine practitioner under the guidance of the founder of Healing Touch for Animals and then spent a year working as a receptionist at Hidden Valley Animal Hospital.  While working there, I finished my Healing Touch for Animals training and began my own pet care business.  I love all animals and offer energy therapy services for all kinds of pets, but I have a special connection to cats.   Due to the need to work around my energy therapy sessions, I offer pet sitting for pets who need no more than two visits per day.

When at home, I enjoy the company of my wonderful husband, Gary, and our cats Phoebe and Sammy. I recharge by hiking in the woods, meditating, reading, singing, dabbling in arts and crafts, and watching sci-fi movies, comedies, home-improvement shows, and, of course, the Animal Planet channel.  I still volunteer at SAFE Haven for Cats and now train new volunteers.

Kelly's Pet Healing and Care